"Alien Marauder" is a real-time strategy game with survival and confrontation theme. In this game, you will be the leader to a treacherous alien planet, build and defend base te survive against the vaxan waves. Make the right decision!

As the First Mate of privateer ship WL "Marauder", "Gladiator" Gavius Proto was the reigning champion of Space Pirate Republic's Power Armor Coliseum. Danger-addicted and unsatiated, when there's a chance, he would lead a pack of wild mercenaries to the surface, then charge right into the center of vexans.


Lumen "Chainsaw" Baldur was the chief engineer responsible for high-risk crystal collecting. As the operator of protective power armor for mining, he utilized his equipment in many regular and irregular ways---close quarter combat, for instance, and that's exactly why he got this nickname.

Commander Layton

Formerly a captain of the UFA regular army, commander Layton joined Fusion Guards for quick money. He leads an army that specializes on long-range strikes and fortification building, making him a miners' bulwark from Terror.


Captain of space privateer ship WL Marauder. As the former leader of the Space Pirate Republic, he signed a mercenary contract with the Fusion Guards, turned the republic into a guild named as "Wandering Legion", and lead its members into the fiercest.


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